Dominic's Italian Eatery

142 Fullarton St. unit R30, London

(519) 672-2186 Dominic's Italian Eatery map, 142 Fullarton St. unit R30 London ON N6A 0A4 Italian Take-out
in Central London London ON / Albert St and Fullarton St
Dominic's Italian Eatery


Dominic's Italian Eatery strives to offer Restaurant quality italian foods in a fast food environment.The vast majority of everything served is made fresh daily from Lasagna to freshly seasoned chicken wings to our custom line of Vinegarette salad dressings.We also offer weekly Specials,Catering and Some great Dinner Combos.Follow us on Facebook for all the latest information.

Hours of Operation:
Pasta of the day -
All pasta's include meat,Marinara or Alfredo Sauce & Garlic bread Monday:Spagehetti Tuesday:Rigatoni Wednesday:Fettucine Thursday:Bowtie Friday Penne
Sm. $4.49 Lg. $5.49
Lasagna -
Made fresh daily with Marinara sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese and served with Garlic bread
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Pizza -
We roll out a large variety of Pizza's...3 Cheese,Pepperoni,Hawiian,Veggie,Canadian,Meat addition to these we feature a specialty pizza nearly everyday...Tuesday: Pepperoni,Green Pepper,Green Olive.Wednesday:Baby Spinich and sweet Red Pepper.Thursday:Chicken, Sweet Red Pepper,Garlic. Friday:Green Olive,Bacon,Sausage
Panzerotti -
We offer three variety's of Panzerotti; Pepperoni and cheese,Canadian and Veggie and Come with Meat or Marinara Sauce
Strombolli -
We offer two variety's of Strombolli: Meatball or Garlic Chicken and include a side of Sauce
Garlic Cheese Twister -
Pizza Dough with Garlic butter and loaded with Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese,rolled up and oven baked
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Pizza Combo -
A pizza slice of your choice served with a caesar,Garden,greek or pasta salad
$6.89Special of the day on Monday
Panzerotti Combo -
Panzerotti of your choice & sauce served with a caesar,Garden,greek or pasta salad
$8.49Special of the day on Wednesday
Pasta Combo -
Pasta with your choice of meat,Marinara or Alfredo Sauce & Garlic bread served with a caesar,Garden,greek or pasta salad
$7.89Special of the day on Tuesday
Sub Combo -
6" meatball, pizza or Italian Sausage sub served with a caesar,Garden,greek or pasta salad
$7.89Special of the day on Tuesday
Lasagna Combo -
Our Delicious fresh made Lasagna served with Garlic bread and a Caesar,Garden,Greek or Pasta salad
$8.79Special of the day on Friday
Pizza Pairs -
Two Pizza slices of your Choice
$6.59Special of the day on Friday
Baked Ziti Combo -
Penne Pasta with Mozzarella Cheese and our specially crafted sauce served with a salad of your choice and garlic bread...Available Mondays only
8.19Special of the day on Monday
Strombolli Combo -
Strombolli with a salad of your choice
Twister Combo -
Garlic Cheese Twister with a sald of your choice
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Italian Sausage -
Italian Sausage served on a french baguette with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese or add it to your pasta.Available tuesdays only
$4.49 sub or $2.59 to add it to your pasta Special of the day on Tuesday
Manicotti -
Baby Spinich and Ricotta Cheese Manicotti served with our special sauce.Have it on it's own or combo it with a salad.Available Wednesday only
$3.79 or $7.19 (Combo)Special of the day on Wednesday
Veal -
Breaded veal Cutlet served on a 9 grain ciabatta bun,combo it with a salad or Breaded Veal Cutlet served with Pasta and Garlic Bread.Available Thursday Only
$4.69 Sandwich only $8.09 (Combo)Special of the day on Thursday
Wings -
Freshly seasoned and oven baked Chicken Wings.Available Fridays only.Have them on their own(5 to an order) with Pizza ($6.89) or with Salad ($7.39) Available Sauces; mild Medium,Sweet Chili, Gourmet Honey Garlic or hot
$4.69 (5 wings) Pizza & Wings $7.29 Wings & Salad $7.69Special of the day on FridayWings
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Pizza Sub -
Served on a 12" french Baguette with Pizza Sauce,Mozza Cheese, Pepperoni and Bacon. Oven toasted
6" $4.49 12" $6.29
Meatball Sub -
Our Delicious Meatballs Served on a 12" French Baguette topped with Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese,Oven Toasted
6" $4.49 12" $6.29
Garlic Chicken Sub -
4oz of Our freshly cooked Chicken on a garlic buttered french Baguette topped with Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese
12" $6.29
Chicken Club Sub -
Our newest Sub Creation Now Available! 4oz of our freshly cooked chicken served on a french baguette with tomatoes,bacon,MozzarellaCheese,drizzled with Ceasar dressing and topped with our special seasoning & Oven Toasted
12" $7.09Special of the day on MondayChicken Club Sub
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Meatballs -
Add our delicious all beef meatballs to your pasta or have them on their own
$0.59 each $1.19 for two or $2.29 for 4
Garlic Bread -
$0.55 each or 4 for $2.19
Chicken Breast -
Fresh cooked and seasoned Chicken breast cut into 4oz portions.Add our delicious Chicken to your pasta dish,Salad or try one our our Chicken Subs
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Ceasar -
Sm.$3.89 Lg.$4.99
Garden -
Romaine Lettuce with fresh cut Carrots,Red Cabbage,Cucumber and Tomatoes....Dressing include: French,Ranch,Italian, Thousand Island or try our homemade Balsamic or Lemon vinegarette
Sm.$3.89 Lg.$4.99
Greek -
Romaine lettuce Topped with Fresh cut Red onion,Tomatoes,Black olives and Feta Cheese
Sm.$4.19 Lg.$5.29
Pasta -
Fresh cooked Rotini noodles loaded with Carrots,Green Peppers,Red Onion,Celery,Seasonings and our special pasta salad sauce
Sm.$3.99 Lg.$5.09
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